How does technology in education affect social growth and learning ability in the area of critical thinking

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Impact of technology in education on social growth and learning ability Technology is an immensely beneficial tool in our education system, helping children to educate themselves better. Children in the modern era are “growing up in an increasingly digitized world,” with the Digital Natives who "have spent their entire lives surrounded by and using computers, mobile phones, video games, digital music players, play stations" among other tools in this age, both within and outside schools (Chaulk 4). Access to multiple digital information, content and resources have been made possible by the advent of Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs on almost subject. However, the incorporation of technology has “contracted the horizon” of young American minds unto “themselves and the social scene around them” instead of opening them up to science, politics, and civilization (Bauerlein 10). The young educable populace has either underused or misused technological gadgets at their disposal, brazenly disregarding the reading of books. Information is merely retrieved from online sources, and critical thinking has been thrown into the abyss, leading to the many societal issues our country is grappling with. There is the likelihood that we may even miss adequately knowledgeable and trained personnel (experts) in the various professional disciplines. This paper argues that while technology is a highly useful educational tool, if not appropriately and properly used, it can be detrimental to learning and social skills proved through empirical data and the psychoanalysis of students today compared to past generations. An immense

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