How does public opinion differ in countries with different abortion laws?

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Student’s Name Instructor Submission Date How does Public Opinion Differ in Countries with Different Abortion Laws? Abortion is a surgical or medical process that results in the termination of pregnancy. The issue of abortion is an exceedingly controversial problem that has existed for ages and particularly so since its legalization in the United States in 1973. Although its legalization in various countries around the world base on a set of reasons such as health risk for mothers, rape, and incest among others, the abortion rights fights persist. In particular, proponents and supporters of the act struggle tirelessly to acquire a stable ground on legislatures, public opinions, as well as the courts. Behind these fights are different perspectives on when human life is said to start, the rights women have concerning their individual bodies and the government’s intrusion into other people’s lives. Based on the different abortion laws governing different nations around the globe, the opinion of the public tend to differ with some supporting whereas others oppose and even seek legal measures to abolish abortion rights. Different researchers have identified the existence of conflicting opinions by the society based on varying pregnancy termination policies endorsed by various states. In fact, a majority of studies indicate that abortion laws spark conflicting views among different people from differing communities with some advocating for the new legislation and others opposing it considerably. The available research, nevertheless, fails to provide a clear stand on which party including the pregnant women, fetuses, the public, or government wins in this entire

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