How does poverty impact families? What strategies could the government implement to deal more effectively with poverty and reduce the negative consequences on poor families?

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Name Professor Course Date Impacts of and Strategies to Curb Poverty on Families Poverty has great negative impacts for families and children and further to a country’s economy. Research conducted revealed that childhood poverty posed a cost in America that was equivalent to an approximate four percent of the country’s GDP. The low-income families are mainly single parent led families residing is slums, and the parents have low education levels and experience in work. Poverty levels are critical to every child development. The impacts include poor emotional, social and behavioral outcomes (3). It can also inhibit the development of cognitive abilities. Childhood poverty has an impact on labor, productivity and economic output. Poor health is a consequence of poverty to the entire family. It affects the children more so due to their low immunity levels and development needs (3). Costs of poverty are, for example, more funds used for health care and also the declined value of life due to early deaths. Leaders in Government are providing essential support such as proper child health care, early education for the children, tuition programs done when school ends and tertiary education to make sure the poor children and families survive the impacts of poverty. State approaches include public-private initiatives, new programs, community and religion based partnerships, and employer-based relationships and options based on tax (4). Others include those effectively proven by research, those that the state considers feasible both financially and politically to implement and the more recent ones but indicate high chances of reducing poverty. The programs and

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