How does Gemmas reinterpretation of the brothers Grimm fairy tale help her contextulize her experiences during ww2 In what ways change and adapt briar rose to reflect these events

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Grimm’s fairy tales is a collection of hundreds of folktales gathered all over Europe. Jacob and Wilhelm commonly referred to as the Grimm brothers were born in the city of Kassel in the 18th century. They left an outstanding legacy from their well-known told stories of then. Being linguistic scholars and German researchers, they spent most of their time as underpaid academics with little realization that one day their work would bring fame. Their first work was published in 1812. Their work was of great significance towards the societal set up of those days became it came up during a time when German national consciousness had come to rise. Also, the awakening of nationalist aspirations had begun. Gemma was a feminist who utilized some of these stories to boost morale during the era of world war two. Gemma was a role model since she could put up with low salary compared to the male counterparts while being in the front to fight pressure aimed at diluting the roles mostly relating to women or females in general. All this was happening during the error when men were busy fighting with women performing jobs once known to be of menfolk’s domain. During this time, women were working in factories surprisingly enough making bombs and bullets. From Gemma work, it can be concluded that there is more just a single way to participate in a war. This is evidenced by the production of the propaganda films that worked to generate almost all the sides involve in the conflict during World War II. This was of great significance since it could sway the public opinion in a significant government position and bolster morale.

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