How does exercise effect substance abuse recovery

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Impact of Physical Training on Substance Abuse Recovery Process Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Abstract Substance abuse such as alcoholism is among the very widespread health challenges impacting several people within the community. Many mental remedy methods for drug addiction have been proved to be fairly efficient such as the mental intervention therapies, 12-step programs as well as pharmacological medication. Nonetheless, regardless of the achievement of these methods in assisting in initial recovery, relapse is still a big challenge. Considering this occurrence, and coherent with a developing notion of drug abuse therapy which incorporates lifestyle adjustments within the recovery process, physical training is seen as practicable extra remedy method or relapse avoidance tactic for drug abusers. Further, the increasing desire to create interventions which enhance the efficiency of the therapies have resulted in the development of techniques that promote healthy living changes which may play a role in establishing a lasting maintenance of recovery from substance abuse. Thus, interventions aiming at physical activity might be especially useful as an addition to substance abuse therapy. In this paper, the writer shall review three pieces of literature on how physical exercise impacts drug abuse recovery and concludes by conducting an annotated bibliography on these pieces of literature. Keywords: substance abuse, recovery, physical training Introduction Substance abuse is a vital matter of concern for the public health. Substance abuse produces bodily, mental as well as social harms. Concerning approaches on available as treatment methods for

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