How do you see nursing changing with the increase advances in technology?

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Lastname FirstnameProfessor Course Date: Nursing Technologies Introduction Nowadays, the utilization of technology has increased service delivery in the nursing sector. The healthcare sector has experienced numerous advancements as a result of technology. The technology has enhanced the use of the internet technology through mobile devices as well as the computer systems. However, the advancement in the wireless technology has improved service delivery regardless of the distance. The issue of technology has yet led to the introduction of the system security threats that interfere with system integrity. It is, therefore, crucial to consider the security approaches that can enhance the integrity and the availability of the information systems. Internet Technology The internet technology is salient in the nursing area. Use of internet involves the interconnection of the computer networks across the globe to aid in information sharing. The advancement in technology will help to up data the nurses on the issues regarding quality of care. The internet resources can be essential for reference while undertaking particular research (Ramundo 40). However, the use of the internet will enhance the creation of collaborative teams across the web. The nurses can interact with other healthcare providers who are necessary for the healthcare sector. Facilitation of the chatting platforms across the internet is also advancement in the use of technology. However, the increase in the internet speed will aid in data transfer at a short time. The technology can as well facilitate the storage facilities regarding the online data. It can support in data security through the

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