How do you know you’re not dreaming right now?

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: How Do You Know You're Not Dreaming Right Now? Knowing when you are dreaming or not has been an unanswerable question for philosophers over the years and no definite answer has been reached upon up to date. The different conclusions or definitions have however not been supported with viable evidence or proof. It is thus believed that one cannot be entirely sure that he or she is either dreaming or awake. Nonetheless, various ways have been formulated to help perform self-checks at different instance to ascertain if in a dream or is a reality. The first test is by doing the sensory test, for example, the pinch test; it is believed that when pain if felt then am individual can be sure he or she is not dreaming. This is because the sensory system is more vivid and definite when one is awake compared to when dreaming this is according to René Descartes, a French Philosopher who believed the sensory or neural system could be easily deceived. A person can also establish their state by assessing the events surrounding their current situations. In a normal awake state, a person can recall and explain when and why they are at a particular place and what happened before then, however when dreaming you cannot comprehend the series of events leading to the current situation, the information is blurred and confused. This can, therefore, aid in knowing the state of a situation. People have also devised personal means of evaluating themselves, for example, looking at the clock or text on a wall and then looking aware and back to the clock or the text on the wall. In a dreaming state the clock will be faster or will

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