how do you create an effective environment for studying and what might it look like?

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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZ 03 December 2016 How Do You Create an Effective Environment for Studying? Introduction The purpose of the proposal is to inform students, be they young or old, must know themselves to create the ideal environment for studying. Why is this important? Good study habits lay the foundation for passing grades. Most degree fields require certifications or a license. Most of the professional testing requires closed book testing. More than ever students must retain the information to pass these tests. Knowing the proper way to study will go a long way in passing college classes. Good students use techniques to enhance their memory capability. These next paragraphs will define the data involved. The goal is to create an App with self-analysis questionnaire. This questionnaire will pose specific questions about each student to identify how they learn. Once the student has answered all of the questions, the App will provide a template tailored for that student. The App will upload all the data from these questionnaires, and correlate the all the answers into a file. This file will answer the questions listed below. Why to students need to study? Where should students study? When should they study? What happens when students do not study? One must know enough to pass the many the tests that come with acquiring an education and in the end, a future salary. All students should find the time and an area conducive to study and is crucial to learning. The adequate study requires an environment the student studies best in. The adequate study requires that the student must learn how they study best. Students should pay attention to all five senses (WGU,

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