How do members of the group provide social support to each other

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The group that I am interested in researching is a sports team in my local area. The group qualifies as a small group since it has less than twenty members. I identified the group since I have an interest in sports and the group was appealing as I wanted to know more about this sports team. The topic that I wanted to know more about is how the group provides social support to each other. I observed the group during various occasions when they were exercising and also playing friendly matches with its contestants. The group is always on the field to play and also to interact for various plans that they want to make. This group meets in the afternoon at exactly 5 pm where they engage in doing various exercises such as running and many others so that they can strengthen their muscles and bodies for them to be successful in the various matches that they plan to play. I used to go to the field so as to observe the group in its naturalistic setting. This field is specifically meant for sporting activities, and therefore the group is a good location to undertake its activities in a comfortable manner without interference. The group is a bona fide group since it has a stable boundary yet permeable. Skilled and willing people can join the group in case the team wants new team members that would take the sports team ahead. The group is also interdependent in that the group relies on the skills of each for the success. I observed various things in regards to how the team members offer social support to each other. I saw the team members hugging each other in case one player scored, and this indicates how the group members encourage each other for the success of the team. The team

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