How Did French Revolution Influence America’s Elections Of 1800?

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How Did French Revolution Influence America’s Elections Of 1800? The French revolution that took place towards the end of the 18th century had a great impact on the American elections of the year 1800. The need to plan for and strengthen the American international policy values was at stake in the uprisings and the wars that were taking place in France. As a result, the British involvement to contain the fighting in France did not leave America out. The controversies that surrounded the three nations began when the former American colonial master, Britain got involved in the French revolution, thus creating political realignments and views that informed the politics between the incumbent present John Adams and his former vice president Thomas Jefferson (Simon 59). John Marshall, the US secretary of state, was at the center of the controversy, championing for the policies of the incumbent president, John Adams that were not popular with Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was among the three presidential candidates challenging Adams for the presidency and then first choice opposition to Adams. In the year 1796, America conducted elections with a younger democratic nation having achieved their independence from the British colony just in the year 1776. The law of the land at the time allowed the leading political parties to nominate two candidates for president but specifying who was the first choice and the second choice among the two. In 1796, John Adams won the presidency with the Federalist Party, but Thomas Jefferson became second and was thus elected his vice president according to the constitution, though he was from a different party, the Democratic - Republican Party

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