How cell phones have changed the family environment

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Name Tutor Course Date The Modern Family Environment The family environment has undergone numerous changes and challenges throughout the past few decades. The family environment has been modified as well as disrupted by technological, social and economic changes. These changes have advanced causing many more conveniences to be introduced into the family environment. The original research method used to conduct this examination was a primary surveying technique. A random group of sixty-six people was surveyed and asked to answer a questionnaire on the website Survey Monkey, regarding their use and their family member's use of cell phones, as well as questions regarding their home environment. The American dream family has painted in our minds long ago, as the father, mother, son and daughter all living happily in the beautiful house with the white picket fence surrounding the yard. The father was the head of the household and generator of the family’s income (Brown and Stephen 12). The mother’s responsibility was to take care of the home, cook dinner, and focus on the children. It seemed so perfect, maybe a little too perfect. As time has flown by, we have watched the digressions of the American dream family and its environment. This is due to the economic, changes that have occurred thus making it harder for families to survive off of one sole income. This eventually drove women into the workforce environment, requiring more time to be spent out of the home environment. This caused many drastic changes in both the workforce environment as well as the home environment. These changes caused parents to work longer hours, which meant leaving

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