How can US lessen fossil fuel dependence

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Reducing the Dependence on Fossil Fuels Abstract Three reasons necessitate a shift from the traditional good old fossil fuel system. These include rising cost of fossil fuel extraction, continued depletion of that resource and the detrimental impacts of fossil fuels on the environment. The global consumption of fossil fuel is getting close to the maximum allowable use if the allowable temperature rise is to be contained within the agreed 20C. The continued use of fossil fuel dependent inventions is thus highly unsustainable. For this reasons, identification of alternatives is of prime importance. Among the best-placed alternatives to solve this challenge is the intensification in nuclear, solar, wind and bio-fuels energy. These products are renewable and therefore can be used infinitely and are clear. Clean energy means that the sources do not produce greenhouse gasses that are contributing to the witnessed climate change. To achieve this, the US will need a paradigm shift. Structural and legal frameworks should be applied to offer incentives to individuals or organizations that concentrate on investments that produce clean, renewable energy. There should also be state withdrawal of assistance in projects that are involved in the production of fossil fuels. Introduction Fossil fuel has been the primary energy source since the industrial revolution. Its availability has been a major determinant of the pace with which an economy thrives. For this reason, most economies have invested considerably in its exploration. Although mainly produced by the OPEC member countries in the Middle East, the product is uniformly vital across the globe. According to the U.S.

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