How can race relations be improved

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Name Professor Course Date Techniques of Improving Race Relations Interracial harmony in America arouses a critical debate on fairness with the presence of different cultures within the same locality. Race relations refer to the connection between among people from different races or ethnic origin. Methods aimed at improving the interaction focuses on peaceful co-existence and reduction of discrimination by any one race on another. Historical background of different people in which one race was considered better than another led to stereotypic behavior and systematic discrimination of minority groups. Slavery and capitalism in the last few centuries instilled a sense of superiority and inferior complex between those considered owners and slaves. The report seeks to educate the masses on the various solutions and perspectives necessary for improving race relations. Even though, the general formulation suits individuals from all backgrounds, the report focuses on states struggling to eliminate racism. The method of inquiry consists of in-depth research focused on four articles with the similar theme of promoting unity among different races. As such, the strongest limitation lies in the fact that the information is a summary of four sources. Therefore, there is a high probability of biasness from the different authors in editing and proofreading. On the other hand, the application of four different sources ensures more accuracy because different academics offer their input. The main topics of discussion would be perceived intentionality of racism, historical analysis of Jacksonville, the impact of community foundations, and creating awareness among police officers.

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