How can Health and safety efforts help build relationships ?

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Student name________ course__ date_______ How can Health and safety efforts help build relationships? As human beings, the kinds of relationship we make are important both mental and emotional wellbeing for our survival. Relationships have made humans to have an inherent desire of being close to one another. In connecting and building a healthy relationship, it is essential for one to listen to the other and communicate openly without any form of judgment. Health and safety efforts have helped in building the daily relationship through engaging in the health activities together. Thus, promoting trust and respect to each other. The following are ways through which health and safety efforts have helped in building relationships Less stress When people engage in a relationship, it links one another to a more healthy condition with less or no stress at all. It, therefore, means that couples who engage in a health and safety relationship in most case have no stress in their lives. In addition, it promotes social and emotional support which comes from one of the partners having a greater buffer against all forms of stress (Fusilier, Ganster & Mayes, 2016). It creates a greater sense of purpose to one another Naturally, human beings want to feel needed and feel having something bigger for them. People in life strive to feel like they are the ones doing something good for the others (Fusilier, Ganster & Mayes, 2016). This has been one of the efforts through which safety and healthy relationship to many people. Longer life People who engage in health and safety relationship adds more years

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