How can alcohol use and abuse be prevented among college students?

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Psychology How Can Alcohol Use and Abuse be prevented among College Students? Name: Institutional Affiliations: HOW CAN ALCOHOL USE AND ABUSE BE PREVENTED AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS? Introduction Thesis Body Background Primary Prevention Policies Institutional policies Policies from the ministry Media related policies Control of availability and access Control of retail joints inside institutions Vigorous screening Change of alcohol-related laws Secondary prevention Alternative activities and extended learning Promoting nonalcoholic drinks Social activities Parents’ involvement Social norms mediations Use of skills as a change agent Conclusion Introduction College can and ought to be an institution where people are enriched with knowledge in specific areas and also regarding the general life. To achieve this, parents as the student would want to select colleges that foster their students’ social and academic development as well as promote college and community safety. One of the critical issues preventing this is the culture of alcohol use in colleges. It has been reported that alcohol is the major problem among the student and although the issue has been raised to the relevant authorities, the recent updates indicate that it has escalated the more. The modern college students have immersed into ‘binge drinking’ which is characterised by drowning five or more drinks in a row for males and four or more for females. This substantiates that alcohol consumption amongst youths is taking a new toll with many peers falling into the cycle. Although many avoid the use of alcohol to unsafe levels, they are likely to conform to the trend due to

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