Housing Crisis: Rent Controls Now

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Housing Crisis: Rent Controls Now Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Housing Crisis: Rent Controls Now The tenants in Dublin Ireland are tired of the exorbitant exploitation from the landlords. They have decided to undertake peaceful demonstration tomorrow, on 26th November 2016, to pressurize the government to take action in controlling the rent rates subjected to the tenants. The protestors have many claims relating to their conditions regarding the rental houses apart from the rent prices. The situation has gone wild with the rent charged being increased daily. The reason behind the worsening situation is the inadequate number of available property to rent. In Dublin, there were only 1, 100 spaces available by the match of August (Taylor, 2016). Even the students in the country have faced it rough as they cannot decide where to live and study because of the limited residential premises. The citizens are going to the streets to complain about the sector that has been ignored by the government, yet it touches their daily lives. There is an increased number of homeless families in Dublin with students lacking houses for rental since the prices have gone up. The sector remained unattended to with a perception that those who rented were the unfortunate group. The David Ehrlich, the CEO of Ires Reit, warned of the impending danger of imbalanced supply and demand for residential houses, the government did not listen (Taylor, 2016). There are limited number of construction activities going on in the town to deal with the rental problem. The government of Britain used a simple policy of flooding the market and excluded itself from controlling the issue of rent.

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