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house. Ichabod gets very excited that he lets his students go home an hour earlier. He borrows a horse from a neighbor and sets out, riding for the farmer’s house. Ichabod enjoys the party, and especially the food. In this mood, he fantasizes of how he would ask Katrina again to marry him. The party ends, and Ichabod goes home, with his horse. While on the way, he notices that a horseman is following him, he tries to ride faster, but he is not a skilled rider. Ichabod gets very shocked when he realizes that the man seems to have no head. The rider rides fast and soon catches up with Ichabod. After that night, Ichabod is never heard of in the town again. Works cited Irving, Washington. The...

House of Asterion Date The House of Asterion The House of Asterion by a renowned Argentinian writer, Jorge Luis Borges, is a short fantasy story. The story depicts the Minotaur dubbed as Asterion, who is in his labyrinth awaiting redemption. Partly, the significance of the story is to bring out the importance of the universe and the existence of humans. Besides, the story depicts redemption in the lives of humans when the hero Theseus causes the ironic death of Asterion. The paper focuses on the significance of the short story through its rich thematic development. For instance, from Borges' story, one of the most significant themes is faith and redemption (Borges 138). It is evident that...

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household, Sharon Pryce and Raja Jubran. Jim Haslam funded an aggregate of $2000, comprising $500 for the general poll while his wife made a similar contribution. Equally, Jim Haslam’s son donated $1,500 and a thousand dollars for the primary and general election respectively. The daughter, Ann Bailey together with her husband, donated $1000 each while Jubran and Pryce gave a $1,000 each. Therefore, Hall went into the reportage period with $42, 079 and had expended $8,476. Similarly, it was depicted that he had a previous outstanding loan balance that amounted to $10,000. Bryan Dodson is another candidate who benefitted from donors and had served for Campfield as a campaign employee and operative...

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