House of Card by Michael Dobbs

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House of Card by Michael Dobbs. 1. House of Cards is a bestselling book that has been enriched with interesting themes like politics, money, power, risk-taking dealings and intriguing dark humor. In 1989, the book House of Cards was initially published in England by Michael Dobbs who was also the author of the book. Today, it has been featured in the production of a Netflix television series known as House of Cards. Even though the book House of Cards has a background on the British political system, the television series was based on the American political structure. 2. Contrarily, I think this book is perfect in government based studies because it contains relevant themes such as corruption, constitution, money, the role of the press, presidential election, and political morality. The government affairs consist of aspects like constitutionalism legislation, political election, executive, democracy, liberty and work ethic. Therefore, the book House of Cards has projected these elements through its various themes. Besides, this book is convenient for any government based studies because it gives a vivid conspiracy on how various leaders like the political class individual manipulate the constitution of a country for their personal gain for power. Additionally, it shows how the government utilizes public ignorance on constitutional matters to manipulate them into supporting their political ambitions. It also shows how the government manipulates the media even though they have a guaranteed freedom based on the Bill of Right as highlighted in any democratic constitution. Therefore, this book is a perfect choice as resource material for any government based

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