Hope, Despair, and Memory

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Hope, Despair, and Memory Question 1 The Jews could not afford to despair, as they had to find a way out of the predicament that they were in. The atrocities were unspeakable and gave up was not an option. It was imperative that they remain hopeful to escape their current situation. The Jews were also very religious people and they remained hopeful that God would save them from the situation in which they had found themselves. Question 2 All human beings were made or created for a purpose. This purpose is not always apparent and many struggles to understand what they were made to do or accomplish. Knowing one’s purpose is precisely what makes us human. We were not made to simply fill the earth. Everyone has something that he or she ought to achieve before they die. This is what differentiates us from animals; our purpose. Once a person discovers his or her purpose, then their whole life is dedicated to this purpose and rather than despair they have hope and a reason to be alive. Question 3 Theology is the study of God and religious beliefs. He picks on these three different fields because he believes that they are the most capable of bringing change. Those people in the highest positions of the land were at the forefront of ordering the killing of Jews. Question 4 Metamorphosis is a change, which in this regard, is changing from being a good person to one condones murder. Wiesel speaks of their memories to appeal to their human side and make them see how bad things have become. The fact that it is people who “knew better” does make their involvement in the atrocities worse. They had forgotten their culture, which was a way of life. Question 5 The term “passivity

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