Homicide and Law Enforcement

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Homicide and Law Enforcement Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Homicide and Law Enforcement The state of Michigan homicide laws is contained in Chapter XLV of The Michigan Penal Code Act 328 of 1931. In this state, first-degree murder is the most severe conviction that carries the worst penalty allowed by Michigan legislature, mandatory life imprisonment without parole. The involved parties in a first-degree murder charge often face emotional devastation due to the heights of public abhorrence (Griffin, 1994). According to Statute MCL 750.316, there are three instances where one can be charged with first-degree murder. The first case encompasses murder committed by lying in wait, using poison or any other deliberate, wilful and premeditated killing. The next case focuses on crime perpetrated to commit arson, substance abuse, carjacking, criminal sex conduct. The second instance also covers crime aimed at robbery, child abuse, breaking, any larceny, torture under section 85 and human invasion. However, involvement in extortion, kidnapping, aggravated stalking under section 411i or vulnerable adult abuse under section 145n may predispose one to be charged with first-degree murder ("THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931", 2016). Lastly, the killing of a corrections officer while lawfully engaging in the duties and legal obligations is also considered first-degree murder. The federal law has outlined several attributes associated with first-degree murder. To start with; the defendant may be tempted to culminate the life of a victim as per the uniform determination of death act against the state laws. The defendant may also have murdered the

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