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1. Type of research and why it is true? The type of research involved in quantitative. Specifically, the quantitative design used is correlational. The research is quantitative since it primarily involves the investigation of an identified problem based on theory, the collection of data, statistical analysis of the data collected and the drawing of conclusions from the analysis results. The general theory informs that a link exists between limited health literacy and a decline in physical functioning. The study aimed to establish whether there is a link between limited health literacy and a decline in physical functioning among the elderly. The study collected data, analyzed the data, and drew conclusions from the analysis results. The quantitative design is correlational since the study involves no treatment (medical), the study aims to examine a relationship between variables, and the representative sample is evaluated as a single group. 2. Critiquing research designs The research design in this study exhibits a high degree of panel attrition. That is, a high number of respondents have left from the commencement to the conclusion of the study. The unavailability of respondents to participate in this study carried out once in a while for a prolonged time is a significant hindrance. The respondents are willing to cooperate for various reasons, such as refusing to participate in the study for no good reason, passing away, and having conflicting schedules. This adversely affects the conclusions drawn from the study due to the decrease of data collected and analyzed. For instance, out of the 1904 respondents eligible for the study, only 529 respondents participated in

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