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1a. Type of research? A method, posttest –only control group design. b. How do you know the true? Since this study was part of an improvement procedure, compared to the true pre-posttest research design, a pre-test was not necessary because the participants had already been exposed to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) tool during the pilot test. 2. Critiquing Article of Reference. In reference to the attached article, a detailed critique of the methods uses, sampling, research instruments, and analysis of data is imperative. This study can be regarded as merely explorative because it is part of a hospital’s advancements. The AHRQ tool was implemented and an audit to determine its effect on the hospital’s communication processes was determined. The approach taken is meant to be an experimental approach, but the study at hand does not meet the requirements of such an approach. For instance, some parameters are usually controlled to avoid the influence of confounding factors, but in this case, the individual participating in the workshop did not have similar baseline characteristics. It was not clear whether the participants had taken part in an earlier training program that had been provided two years before. Research studies often target a single type of participants: the target population, but in this study, it did not have a target group. Instead, it focused on the stakeholders about the AHRQ tool. Despite the fact that some statistics were applied, they did not test the main hypothesis, to determine the difference in outcomes before and after the adoption of the AHRQ and implementation of the training program. Apparently, only

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