Homelessness and causes + background of art

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HOMELESSNESS, THE CAUSES OF HOMELESSNESS, AND ARTE POVERA IN THE UK By Student’s Name Course Instructor Institution Location Date Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.0Introduction PAGEREF _Toc468706714 h 32.0Method PAGEREF _Toc468706715 h 33.0Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc468706716 h 33.1Research on Homelessness and Causes PAGEREF _Toc468706717 h 33.1.1Causes of Homelessness PAGEREF _Toc468706718 h 43.1.2Statutory Homelessness Test PAGEREF _Toc468706719 h 43.1.3Non-Statutory Homelessness PAGEREF _Toc468706720 h 53.1.4Homelessness Eligibility, Priority, and Need PAGEREF _Toc468706721 h 63.1.5Rough Sleeping PAGEREF _Toc468706722 h 63.1.6Localism Act PAGEREF _Toc468706723 h 73.1.7Homelessness Advice PAGEREF _Toc468706724 h 73.2Art Background – Arte Povera PAGEREF _Toc468706725 h 74.0Discussion PAGEREF _Toc468706726 h 95.0Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc468706727 h 96.0Reference List PAGEREF _Toc468706728 h 11 IntroductionHomelessness is an issue that highly affects people living in urban areas. This is especially the case for the UK. More people are becoming homeless as a result of a myriad of causes mentioned in this paper after comprehensive research. The purpose of this paper is to identify the causes of homelessness while determining how art can be used in developing solutions that would empower the homeless. The focus of the paper will be on Arte povera which has been found to be effective with the homeless as it requires little or no financial input on the part of the individuals practicing it. The research and following discussion of the content collected will show how this art can benefit both the homeless and the society. MethodThe methods used in the

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