Homeland Security and Criminal Procedures

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Homeland Security and Criminal Procedures The primary role of the Department of Homeland Security is to protect citizens of the United States against terrorist activities. To ensure that the Department achieves this goal, the department enjoys unique powers that have been taunted to violate basic human rights. The power to conduct searches without a warrant and detaining accused persons for long periods violates basic human rights enshrined in the constitution. However, amendments to the constitution have ensured that the Department observes basic human rights in its operations. The only time the Department is allowed to infringe basic human rights is when they conduct operations intent to apprehend a terrorist suspect. Further, basic human rights have been protected by the inception of the criminal justice system. This ensures that certain predetermined procedures are followed during apprehension and conviction of accused persons. A key feature of the criminal justice system is the presumption of innocence till proven guilty. This places the burden of proof on law enforcers and the plaintiff. Consequently, the perception of the public on how the Department handles criminal procedures in security matters have changed for the better. Homeland Security and Criminal Procedures Homeland security plays a critical role in the protection of the United States against terrorism. The department enjoys unique powers absolving it from observing certain laws that protect basic human rights. Thus, the operations of the department have attracted public cry where the department has been reported of infringing basic human rights. This report is to examine the relationship between the

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