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Home care Home care is crucial to a new approach to health care, the current demand for home care nursing is anticipated to increase significantly. In the years to come, many nurses will be working in the community as compared to today. Therefore, it is evident that this change will have deep implications on the manner that nurses are trained as well as encouraged to practice as members of integrated health-care teams. Home health care can help reduce the hospital length of stay while improving continuity of care. Many aspects of treatment such as antibiotics can be administered at home as efficiently as in the hospital. Access to pre-emptive respite as well as crisis care such as rapid response teams are essential to ensure that there is reliable home care that avoids hasty reaction of hospitalization when one is under stress. There are various roles of the RRTs in the initial stage of homecare for each patient. The RRTs are useful during home care if the family fears that something is seriously wrong and have expressed their anxieties. Moreover, RRTs may be used when there is a communication letdown with the staff; RRTs are also supposed to help when one becomes confused about the patient's care. Further, the RRTs can be used when there is the need for a patient to voice his or her worries or when the family feels like the patient's condition is not right. Among elders with chronic illness, particularly heart failure, it is contended that nurses with advanced preparations who offer home care may reduce hospitalization. Firstly, effective homecare requires that the family want their patient at home. Moreover, the family must be able to cope with staying with the patient

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