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Holocaust Holocaust was a genocide that happened in Europe which Adolf Hitler and his supporters killed about six million Jews that were living in Europe on the verge of the outbreak of the World War II. The people who were killed included approximately 1.5 million innocent children who represented about nine percent of the total population of people living in Europe. (Waligóra, 61) The killing took place in all those territories that were conquered and occupied by the Germans under Adolf Hitler. Additionally, there were reported crimes against humanity and violation of human rights whereby women were raped and others subjected to slave labor. The genocide was said to be carried out in various stages as a way of making the whole of Europe a German territory. In 1933, the Jews were put in concentration camps where some were killed in gas chambers while others were subjected to forced labor without food and water. The genocide continued until 1945 when World War II came to an end. Furthermore, in concentration camps the Jews were made to stay for long without food and these caused many people to starve to death. In the concentration camps, the living conditions were poor and hence the mortality rate was almost 50%. In 1942, there was high demand of these concentration camps, and this led to Hitler to authorize construction of six larger camps in Poland.These camps were designed for mass killings. It is estimated that Hitler was able to establish about 1500 camps in the whole of Europe. Moreover, some camps tattooed their inmates with registration numbers for identification upon arrival. The registration numbers also helped to subdivide labor among the prisoners, but most

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