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Name Professor Course Date The Little Shop of Horrors The Little Shop of Horrors tells the story of a salesclerk in a flower shop who owned a carnivorous flower. The plot revolves around the staff members and the clients as well as the discovery of the plant. In the end, the murder cases increase and the police look into it. Additionally, the musical piece and the movie developed have differing scenes and show various aspects of the story. One of the most interesting and drastic changes dealt with background information. It happens that the play offers minimal information on the characters as compared to the film. The film vividly describes various instances where Mushnik and Orin die and are eaten by the plant, Audrey two. More so, the film offers a cinematic elaboration of death as the plant consumes people. The death scenes in the two plots are distinctly different and provide an opportunity for both visual and literal expertise. There is a notable change in the end which looks different from the playwright. Audrey, the girl, dies in the musical play after the plant tempted her. On the other hand, Audrey remains alive in the film after Seymour tries to kill the plant but dies. Additionally, the movie shows Seymour being chased by the police which do not happen in the play. Therefore, the film has a different last scene that adds certain parts. Secondly, the play ends with different characters making arguments as to why the plant should never be fed. The growth of plants towards the audience at the end explores the theme as to why certain behaviors should stop. As such, the last scene has several scenes which reflect the differences between cinematic and

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