holistic learning exprience during the semester.

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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Holistic Learning Experience During the Semester The idea of life in an entirely new country away from the norm of one’s life, the thought of different culture – language, people, food, dress and all in all interactions is scary for most people. Breaking away from the usual and getting used to a new routine requires breaking out of one’s shell and having to face fears head on. This requires open-mindedness and the will to interact with different people and learn from them. Learning a new language is one way to achieve all the above. It means developing the will to try something new, interact with new people, exchange ideas, learn from others and ultimately grow from the experience. That new language for me was English. In this essay, I will highlight the impact that is taking the English 1301 class has had on me; how it has influenced my thinking and all in all the growth it has spurred in me. I would in a way, say that my parents would have been a stumbling block in my path. The decision to study abroad, away from home was one that did not quite resonate with my parents. According to them, my country had good enough schools, most members of my family had studied in those very schools and were doing quite well for themselves. Furthermore, I was qualified enough to go to the best college in the entire country. I think they felt that they needed to protect me from the uncertainty that comes with moving away from home. I was going to have to make huge adjustments, and since English was not my first language, it would be difficult for me to communicate and figure out my way around. Taking English 1301 has

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