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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Submission Date Hobbes Theory of Human NatureHobbes’ View Human Nature Hobbes argues that it is human nature for man to be selfish and unable to establish trust with other people. Human beings only participate in actions that are directly beneficial to them and lead to self-preservation. He argues that men may acknowledge others to be more learned, witty and eloquent but they will not believe that the same people are wiser than themselves (Hobbes Chapter XIII). The selfish nature of man leads him to strive for power, dominance, and glory which may lead to war against each other unless there is a common power that unites them. Understanding Hobbes’ State of Nature When Hobbes mentions “the state of nature” in his work, he refers to a condition whereby people are at war with each other, and they live a solitary, brutish, and short lives due to lack of a collective power to unite them (Hobbes Chapter XIII). State of nature gives an overview of man’s natural condition in the absence of a governing body, laws or civilization. Just like animals, people who are not governed by law or a common power can destroy each other to access power. Thus, Hobbes believed that the harmony which exists among human beings is only artificial since it is based on the agreement they set. The Central Fear of Man The central fear of man is death. Hobbes notes that human beings strive for power throughout their lives until death. As man attempts to acquire power, he is keen enough to avoid environments that could endanger his life. Hobbes notes that people try to secure themselves through anticipation of authority to prevent death

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