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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Industrial revolution source analysis Point: The article extract indicates that many coal mines employed children, mostly under the age of eighteen, during the industrial revolution. The reason why the children, largely from the age of six, were preferred was that they possessed rigorous physical strength which could be used for the tedious labor of dragging and pushing “the coal carriages” from the workplaces to the major paths or the shaft’s foot (Children’s Employment Commission 10). Many witnesses agreed, according to the report, that it is only the young people who possess that amount of energy required. Evidence: The Children's Employment Commission report indicates that while employment for children commences at the age of eight to nine, it starts as early as at the age of four. A majority of the children employees are under thirteen years old, yet still, some much more are between thirteen and eighteen years old. This exhibits the extent to which children were used as laborers in the coal mines. Additionally, the children would work for eleven hours or so a day, due to their perceived energy and strength. Evidence phrase: “That in all the coal-fields accidents of a fearful nature are extremely frequent” (Children’s Employment Commission 19). Explanation: This source A6 can be an important and credible source of information for anyone interested in learning the role of children during the Industrial Revolution. The report, put together by the Children's Employment Commission, contains extensive information regarding the ages of the children employed and the number of hours they worked. Conclusion: It is my

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