History Of Psychology/Philosophy

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Psychology as a Field Name: Institutional affiliation: Date: Chapter 13: Religion vs. Natural Science on Mental Health; Schizophrenia: A Disorder of Self?1.What are the tensions between the religious vs. natural science interpretation of mental illness; the Hippocratic system and the system of modern Western medicine; the biological versus psychological interpretation; and/or the psychoanalytic versus behaviorist interpretations? Religion has been in place ever since the primitive years of mankind. It is deeply hinged on one’s belief. Natural science, on the other hand, applies scientific reasoning that use evidence to explain why things are the way they are. In matters concerning mental illness, natural science tends to rebut some religious beliefs to be stereotyped. According to Hippocratic systems, refutes claims that mental illness is the work of gods that can get treated by charms and prayers. It explains that they are a biological imbalance of body humor (Chung, M., & Hyland, M. 2012). An example of the treatment is the use of Chinese treatment called bleeding. Modern western medicine also uses the same principle of diagnosis rather than the blanket view of assuming it’s an act of gods. One treatment it puts across is the use of evacuation of the mentally ill as a means of treatment (McLeod, 2008). The psychoanalytic view explains that the mental illness is heredity and that therapy is one method of mental illness alleviation. Behaviorist interpretation, on the other hand, tends to believe mental illness is as a result of acquiring conditionings from an individual’s environment. 2.What happens to the self in Schizophrenia? Is the

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