History of Judaism past to modern day

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Judaism History Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Introduction Scholars have explained Judaism as a religion, culture as well as a people. Judaism started in 8th C BCE as Hebrews’ faith. However, with periods of affliction, discrimination, dispersal, and infrequent triumph, Judaism has become deeply influential. The contemporary Judaism is intricate and integrates a people as well as a faith. Judaism history is indivisible from the Jewish history, and the initial section of this history is fund within the Old Testament that illustrates the way God selected the Jews as a model to the humankind and their relations with God. In this paper, the writer shall discuss the history of Judaism from the Bronze Age to the contemporary state of Judaism. Judaism Up To 164 BCE Jewish Chronicle started in the Bronze Age within the Middle East, and their beginning is narrated in the first five biblical books. Abraham was selected as the father of Jews and who would be a model of upright conduct to humankind. God protected them from various challenges and through Prophet Moses God gave the Jews regulations to guide them (the Ten Commandments). This marked the start of Judaism as an organized religion and with God’s direction the Jews became strong with its King, Solomon building the first God’s temple. Their worship concentrated on this Temple since it had the Ark of the Covenant. In 920 BCE, a period of the prophets, the Jewish kingdom separated into groups. The temple was damaged in 600 BCE causing the destruction of their leadership. Several were taken into captivity in Babylon. Later some returned to Jerusalem, but others lived in captivity. Notwithstanding

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