History of Illustrations

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Definition In historical deliberations, a scholar is bound to come across illustrations. An illustration is a kind of visual art that entails usage of drawing, painting or printed work in a bid to give clarification or illumination to another work. The predominant illustrations are those associated with books and magazines or newspapers. In the modern era, there is an increased usage of pictures in the advertisement. Types In discussing drawings, it is essential that there is the inclusion of the types of this element of art. There are five main types of illustrations which include educational or information figures. These are the types associated with scientific books in bids to give examples. Literary type of drawing entails children stories. The other kind is fantasy and games. Media is another form of illustration, and it touches on entities such as magazines. The other type is commercial which entails advertisement. History In discussing the origin of illustrations, there is a conviction that this aspect of communication came into use earlier than writing. The history runs back to the cave paintings and charcoal drawings used in ancient times. There has been evolvement of the art with time. Different centuries have seen the articulation of various developments in this art. To enable a proper analysis of the history of illustrations, it becomes essential to look at the different types of examples in different centuries across diverse regions. For example, book illustrations from Ireland, Britain which date back to c 600-1100 contain the early Christian art. The Gothic paintings date back to c 1200-1450. These include illuminations and have great naturalism. The

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