History Inquiry essays on child labor

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XXXXX YYYYYZZZZZ Date History Inquiry Essays on Child Labor Part 1 Children of the Industrial Revolution or Child Soldier When the industrial revolution hit the civilized world, the factory owners had a severe shortage of labor. As a result, someone came up with the horrible idea of using young children to fill these worker shortages. While this was a great idea for the factory owners, it dramatically shortened the lives of these children. These children worked in less than desirable and unsafe situations. They often were injured or killed more often than any adult working under the same deplorable working conditions (Speed et al, 26). The wage was paltry and it was a life of slavery for these children. During this time, there were no child labor laws in existence. No laws meant children where unscrupulous individuals trapped orphaned children in situations where they had no control. The next paragraph will compare working as a child in the industrial revolution to that of the child soldier in other locations (Thatcher, 1).Children in the industrial revolution worked in mines, glass factories, textiles, canaries, and home industry. Most of the factories came with dangers that in most cases injured or killed these children (Source 1, 2). The owner of the factory abuses these children; this time in British history was no good time to be a child. This was pure and simple slavery for these children where many died before reaching adulthood (Source 2, 1). Other countries trapped children into being soldiers. Being a child soldier means that these children are expendable, just as they were as a child laborer. Being a child laborer means pretty much the same thing as a

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