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DEFINITION OF HISTORY ILLUSTRATIONS An illustration is a kind of painting or drawing whose main aim is to explain or visually represents a printed text. Pictures use different styles and techniques such as drawing, painting, multimedia, 3D and 2D dimensions and digital schemes. Also, illustrations vary depending on their purposes with the main areas being book illustrations, information graphics or figures, scientific illustration, narrative illustrations, media illustrations and picture books. Most illustrations were done in using charcoal, ink and metal points but due to diversification complicated print processes emerged such as lithography, photography, woodcuts and engraving. TYPES OF HISTORY ILLUSTRATIONS The technical picture also referred to as the scientific illustration aims at communicating related scientific information and expressing imageries effectively and efficiently and in return deliver certain information. Moreover, it intends to describe subjects to an audience (non-technical) to enhance the viewer`s natural understanding. The visual images are required to be precise regarding quantity and measurements providing a full impression of what the object does and what it entails. The technical drawings include clip arts and cutaway drawings using certain techniques to help in drawing such as lateral projections and perspective projections. Additionally, the technical illustrations depend on communication between highly skilled experts and general public. Technical illustrations meant for the public as a whole use imageries and symbols that are easy to understand, and this is known as the original drawing. On the other hand, the communications for skilled

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