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History Homework According to Confucius, filial piety explains the behavior of a human who respects all of his elders. These elders include his parents, ancestors, and others who are elder than the person. Having the characteristic of filial piety is important to form a strong and morally good society. Confucius considered filial piety as one of the most significant factors in the development of a respectable society because this feature determines how realized a human is and how he behaves and interacts with his surroundings. When Arjuna returned to Krishna in the distress that he had to kill his kinsmen and elders during the war, Krishna replied to him by stating that these people that you are grieving for, don’t deserve your sorrow. He said that casting out bodies is like taking off old clothes, that are, later on, replaced by the new ones. Therefore, Krishna convinced Arjuna that he should not be deceived by his feelings. Confucius would certainly disagree with these reasons because his approach towards humanity is something very different than this as he believed in virtue, respects elders and serving others. For Socrates, life is a mere chance of preparing for the life afterward and anything that a human is involved in; he will be responsible for it for eternity. Self-discipline, knowledge, and justice are some of the main determinants of a good life and also help improve it. Wisdom is in knowing that one’s knowledge is limited while virtue delivers an exalted level of happiness. Confucius would agree with this view as he also focused on dignity. Jesus might also agree with him but a difference would emerge in the context of both definitions as because

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