Historical Events Essay

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Name Professor Course Date Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Music is a universal form of entertainment that is well spread all over the world. It is the art of sound that is used to express emotions and thoughts in a particular way. Among the famous genres include blues, classical music, dance music, opera music, rock, rap, electronic, reggae, jazz blues and folk. Let’s pay some particular attention to jazz, blues and folk. Blues is a type of music that originated among African-Americans in the United States. It is a type of personal conversation, but that is not private. Blues a unique kind of music whereby a singer narrates a sad story through the use of well-arranged verses. (Mccann 23). On the other hand, folk music is a type of music that has its roots in the United States, and it is known as world music because unknown artists composed it and it has been passed from one generation to another generation orally among the poor working class. Jazz music a music type based on emotional experience instead of intellectual experience. It is a music class that centered on information rather than the tune because the artist is always motivated by individual emotional experience to compose the song but not his or her creativity. Slavery which started in 1619 is the key historical event that led to the development of jazz, blues and folk music (Mccann 25). Due to the increased number of Africans in America, there were several meeting among Africans where they used to perform their favorite traditional songs and dance using improvised string equipment and drums. Two types of African American music led to the development of jazz, blues and folk music. These include

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