Historical events and how it influences the present and the future life

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Historical events and how it influences the present and the future life Historical events such as where we grew up, the level of education and past experiences define future and who we will be. This paper discusses is about historical events and environment and how it affects our future. The main focus is on Rosa Lee life and how she led her life. It focuses on how her life decision made her become a mother at the age 13 and an addict who would later take her to jail. Rosa Lee miscellaneous life would make her get five children and infect some of her children with the deadly HIV virus. This paper also reveals how the environment that one grows in impacts on the life of an individual. Rosa Lee dropping out of school made her virtually illiterate and unable to support herself. The importance of education is revealed and how education has helped mold various skills such as writing skills. Our history will be largely used in defining our future that we will be and of what character. Finally, we should lead a good life so as have a brighter and better future. Historical events and how it influences the present and the future life History greatly influences our future. Your history acts as a pillar or foundation for your future. Historical events and culture greatly influence how a child mind grows. The society is actively involved in solidifying the future of that child. For Rosa Lee born in late 1930 had a very trying moment in her life especially as a black woman. As such, this paper will focus on Rosa Lee life and how it influenced her future about my life and how it has influenced me to be a writer. Rosa Lee was born in 1937. She had her first born child at the age of 13

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