Historical and Current Issues of Immigration

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Question 1 Immigration is the movement of people from their native country to another country where they do not possess citizenship. The movement is as a result of several factors, such as war, disasters, in search of economic prosperity as well as better living conditions. The migration process is often complicated since it’s so engraved with many issues that hinder successful transition. Just as in the article of The St Louis Tragedy, today’s immigration process is held up tightly by the international and political negotiations based on racism. Since the Jewish were Semitism, the western countries, Cuba, United States and Canada felt it would be unwise to allow the ship to dock in their territories since they were anti-Semitism. In today immigration, racism hinders people from the discriminated regions from accessing high-end areas since they are no equals (Croddy, Marshall, Bill and Carlton, 2003). The Canadians in the articles thought if Germany did not want the Jews refugees in their country because they were non-equals with the other Germans, why then would Canada accommodate them yet they would only steal their money and downgrade their economy. This mindset is prevalent today, and citizens of a country feel there are superior to the refugees who come to lag their economies behind, thus no need to accommodate them. Fear and prejudice as well contribute to today’s immigration issues. Canada, during the St Louis tragedy, feared to allow non-white and non-Christian refugees into their territories. By doing so, they felt that they were keeping their country safe from dangerous communists. With the advent rising of terror, immigration has heightened on fear and

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