historic environmental issues

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Student Instructor Course Date Historical Environmental Issues Environment ought to be guarded with care since it is necessary for every life on earth. Sustainability is the ability of the current generation to satisfy its needs without compromising the capacity of the same environment to meet the demands of the next generations. Environmental pollution and the misuse of earth resources in the past are alarming. If things remain the way they are without adopting fast-changing policies, the environmental hazards will not be eradicated (Merchant and Carolyn, 500). Exploration of natural resources such as oil and mineral is causing degradation of the environment at a very high rate. When minerals are mined from the earth surface, the land is left bare and ugly (Larson et al., 34). This is dangerous for both human beings and animals. If a person falls on the mining fields, it will translate to be a death. Another historical environmental issue of concern is pollution. Pollution occurs in a variety of aspects. Examples of types of pollution are water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, noise pollution, and such. Land degradation and pollution are two historical environmental issues that require emergency cure and prevention for a sustainable business environment in the United States of America. Clean atmosphere free from greenhouse gases will promote increased productivity to the farmers. This will consequently lead to a thriving business both locally and internationally for the farm produce. As much as we need resources for a good and healthy living today, we ought to be mindful of those that will occupy the same environment after us. As a leader, I ensure

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