Hiroshima book review

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Hiroshima Book Review Name Institution Hearing about something and having a direct encounter with it are two distinct scenarios that have different implications on one’s reaction, attitudes, and perceptions about something based on my experience after reading Hiroshima by John Hersey. I have heard about this Hiroshima bombing often, but it is not until I read the gritty details of the bombing events that I came into direct contact with the agony and suffrage of the Japanese. The Hiroshima bombing is a unique example of the adverse effects of war from which the rest of the world should learn. It is not clear whether it was out of sheer ignorance or the egoistic feeling of hegemony that made the United States act so indifferent immediately after the bombing. As if to rub salt into injury, the United States, which was responsible for spreading propaganda and mobilizing resources to conduct investigations into the effects of the bomb, merely to determine the magnitude of the bomb. The ability to cause such disastrous effects might be the reason that America has been acknowledged a super-power and a fathomable force that is not to be opposed or challenged. I see the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings as a disregard for humankind because there is no justifiable reason for such a heinous act by the U.S. One begs the question whether the young innocent and potential Japanese children that lost their lives deserved such maltreatment. Even though it was a period of war and attack, such a violent attack with far-reaching detrimental effects was not warranted. Despite the fact that each country: U.S. and Japan, strived to showcase its superiority, it was at the expense of the

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