Hiring in a Social Media Age

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Business Studies Date Hiring in a Social Media Age Time and technology have remained dynamic thus, influencing the mode of lifestyles that human beings endure. Social media sites were primarily for interactions, but have turned out to be hotspots of facilitating the hiring process of most companies. In the US people spend about 27 minutes of every hour online, an estimated period that is more than the time they spend in the entertainment venues. In the previous era when the internet was not much in use, firms relied on advertising the job vacancies through the newspapers. However, nowadays the human resource department can hire easily via the social media. With the availability of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and recruitment websites such as Monster.com, firms can quickly hire new employees to fill in the available vacancies. The social media sites are nowadays used to track the history of the candidates, thus enabling the hiring team to evaluate the candidature of every candidate basing on their experience and past undertakings. Google searches can also help the recruitment team to get any relevant information about the candidate. The situation is totally different with the old era where getting background information of an individual was difficult to access. The social media age has helped firms to start their pages and groups online such as on Facebook, of which they use to market their products, as well as update the customers and the rest of the world on the news of the company. These pages can help the candidate in acquiring the relevant information about the companies that they find interest in and would like to

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