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Authors Name: Instructors Name: Course: Date: Hinduism The primary focus of this prospectus will be to discuss the religious theme featured in “The Immortals of Meluha.” This is the first fiction novel of the trilogy on Shiva, one of the most respected gods in Hinduism. The language used in the novel is informal and modern making it easy for the reader to understand and relate. The captivating story is constantly on the move with a series of events leaving no room for a reader to lose interest by being humdrum. The author, Amish Tripathi, who is a former banker first self-published the novel in 2010 after being rejected by several publishers in India. On 1st April 2011, Westlands Books published it and later on January 3rd, 2013 it was published as an eBook by Joflecher books. The 439 pages novel has twenty-six chapters and characters are drawn from the Hinduism mythological figures who are presented as mortals. The story is set in 1900 BC in a fictional land, Meluha. It begins with an introduction to Shiva who is a warrior from Guna town arriving in Meluha following an invitation by the King Daksha of Meluha Empire. At this time, Meluha is facing various challenges including terrorist attacks orchestrated by the tribe of Chandravanshi. This tribe is believed to be collaborating with Naga people who are a cursed tribe that constitutes of malformed individuals. To rescue Meluha from these challenges, they are relying on a prophesy made long ago that a savior (Neelkanth) will come and rid the place of all evils and restore peace. After drinking somras, a drink that provides the Meluha with utter health and longevity, Shiva’s throat turns blue. This

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