hills like white elephant

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Hills like white elephant by Hemingway Hemingway uses a selective setting where he writes about the two characters that have a varied view about the issue of operation. Jig is seen as a mere girl who comes to be a hero by standing by her words not undertakes the operation as directed by his boyfriend who is referred as the man. Abortion is illegal, and the man forcing her to accept to take the operation proves futile as she opposes it to the latter, “It’s an awfully simple operation, Jig, It’s not an operation at all” (Hemingway, 476). The indication of the man in the phrase shows a low priority attached to the feeling he has towards what might happen after the operation. However, it becomes apparent that Jig was not going to take any chances when the man tried to tell her that he did not care, she says, “I’ll scream” (Hemingway, 478). The girl opens up to the man to tell him how their relation is shallow and the reason why the man looks less caring as he says it is easy to let some air in. The girl has displayed bravery to challenge the man as she tells him that she is ready to go through pregnancy. The man in the story finds it hard to force the girl as we can see him saying that he was not willing to let her do it if she was not prepared. The man is referred to as “the American” to show the superiority that men had over women. The association of the man to American is used as a convincing tool so that Jig, who is seen as a mere girl can follow the desires and demands of this man. The inferiority that is accorded to female gender is proven the wrong buy Jig when she goes against the desires of the

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