Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton Student Institution Course Date Hillary Clinton Abstract Corruption refers to the improper use of public power, whereby a person deviates from the expected rules and regulations with the aim of self-gains and favors. Reflecting on Hillary Clinton's campaigns and dealings, there are several incidences that have been revealed showing how corrupt she has been in various capacities of service. It is evident that from her emails, attendance at various conferences and meetings as well as interactions with different people, the aspiring president of the U.S has been discovered a corrupt leader. Most of Hillary's speeches and talks are directed towards viewing various classes of people like the middle class to be very inferior and miserable. Additionally, she has been revealed as a tip-dealer in an effort to satisfy her interests and attain her desired objectives. Corruption on her side has been discovered not only in her public but private life as well, and most of the information on her dishonest dealings has been revealed by her close colleagues and campaigners. Introduction Hillary Clinton was born on 26th October 1947 in Illinois U.S. Being an American Lawyer and a politician; she served as a Senator in the year 2000-2009, and a secretary in charge of the state in 2009-2013. She was also an aspiring president of the U.S, after the step-down of President Barack Obama. Discussion Chairman John Podesta, who is in charge of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, has emails exposing the cronyism and corruption of her time in office as well as her campaign. There are more discoveries about Clinton’s wrong and unacceptable actions that are being revealed

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