Higher Education in America

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Higher Education in America Features of American Education In the quest of facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, belief and habits, the American education systems has been adopting various innovations. These innovations and changes have been ongoing as early as 1975. According to Thelin (2011), the period saw the adoption of different school mottos, aimed at promoting education and popularity of the institutions. Included in the list of innovations was the revising of curriculums to expound on different courses and training. Conferring to Thelin (2011), a notable change that occurred during the period is the coming up of institutions and innovations. The change was a clear indication of the growth and spread of education in America, especially in South America. On the other hand, the innovations saw an increase in numbers of learners in these new institutions that were at a proximity to the locals. The institutions presented an interesting transition from the rural kind of life to an environment where programs of advanced instructions were taught. In light of today’s American education, the transition from liberal art colleges to multi-discipline learning institutions provide learners with different career courses from which they can choose. Additionally, the American system prides on the diverse institutions ranging from universities, state schools to community colleges that serve different education goals. These institutions have been able to incorporate characteristic innovations defining the world of today (Thelin, 2011). Consequently, learners profit from these innovations by learning new skills and enrolling in modern-day advanced

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