Hibiscus sabdariffa

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HIBISCUS SABDARIFFA Name Institution Abstract Also known as the Rosell, the Hibiscus Sabdariffa, is an important plant, to many people all over the globe. Indeed, its uses vary from one community to another and also its variety will matter too. Considered to be a nutritious dish by many, its leaves and fruits known as the calyx are edible and have been confirmed by experts to be rich in various nutrients. Furthermore, its medicinal benefits are rivaled by few other plants, while some types of Rosell are renowned for their tough fiber, known as jute. This paper seeks to explore the origins of the Sabdariffa plant, its varieties, and the various names it is identified by. In addition, the research will note the plant’s evolutionary timeline and the various conditions favorable for its growth. Finally, the paper will identify the various economic and nutritional benefits to mankind and the society as a whole that are gained from Roselle’s cultivation. Introduction The hibiscus sabdariffa is a West African plant which has been noted to contain significant health and economic benefits (Babatunde & Mofoke, 2006). The plant has two types, one of which H. sabdariffa var altissima Wester is grown as a cash crop, due to its economic value. It is grown in Nigeria, the West Indies and some parts of the South American tropics for the harvesting of its fiber, also known as jute. This particular variety is identified by its red or green stem and with leaves that are often green. More so, this type of Rosell is not edible due to its non-fleshy calyces that cannot be eaten. Often confused with fiber producing Kenaf, but this is grown more widely. The other strain

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