Hermeneutical Audit assessment

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Hermeneutic Audit Assessment Hermeneutic Audit Assessment Introduction The word hermeneutics have come to represent many different definitions since its inception as a philosophical interpretative method that even predates Christianity. From that perspective, hermeneutics have been used by Christian and non-Christian religious traditions and religious scholars as a form of dispelling the obscurity from passages of the scripture that are not only to be interpreted in a literal form. According to the Harper’s Bible Dictionary, hermeneutics “encompasses both the study of the principles of biblical interpretation of written texts in accordance with scientifically formulated rules and principles” (Achtemeier, 1985). However, in a practical setting, hermeneutics come to mean the way believers put questions to the Scriptures. While hermeneutics can be perceived as harsh and philosophical by the regular believer, the ordinary hermeneutics are, in fact, a capital reflection of the Church and Congregational use of the Holy Scriptures. From that perspective, the Charismatic Christian denomination has a rich corpus of congregational hermeneutics. Thus, hermeneutics, under this light, describes the implicit and explicit means lay people have to interpret and understand the Scriptures. It describes the practices of those who have limited or no Bible-related theological education of an academic or systematic kind” (Astley, 2013). The intuition of believers, then, is important, as they adapt theological concerns to everyday practices. Discussion Public Bible Use For most congregation members, there are three main settings for biblical hermeneutics:

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