Heritage Assessment Tool Evaluation of Different Cultures Essay Samples and Topic Ideas

cultures in school and other social settings, and this has given me a chance to learn, value, and respect our cultural differences. For example, when I am placed in a new group, I take time to learn about other people’s cultures such as their language and this gives me a chance to be culturally aware. According to Kirst-Ashman (2013), members of a group should strive to identify and be sensitive towards the differences of others. I strive to be aware of other cultures by constantly learning. In general, I have multicultural knowledge based on the interactions I have had with individuals from other cultures. The group situation where I feel uncomfortable is when people start stereotyping others....

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cultures due to lack of universality of concepts. Key Words: verbal, nonverbal, Sign language, involuntary, universality, voluntary, Effects of Facial Expressions on Our Interpersonal Relations Facial expression is one of the nonverbal forms of communication. According to studies, facial expression relies on the movement of muscles beneath the skin to convey information. Voluntary and involuntary are the two types of facial expression. Voluntary acts of facial expression are socially conducted while involuntary acts are innate and follow a subcortical route in the brain (Zhang, Luo, Chen and Tang, 2017). Facial expression is important in some ways. Firstly, despite hypothetical claims that...

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