Henry James

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Name Professor’s name Unit Date Dark and light imagery The Beast in the Jungle is a book that utilizes both dark and light imagery to depict how seasons go by annually. Seasonal imagery is used to refer to the cyclical nature time and the fact that it is endless. Changing of seasons goes on forever without stopping. It depicts that the nature of events that occur in the story happen over time and are eternal. Emphasis is placed on the dark and light imagery because May Bartram and John Marcher the main characters are named after the third and fifth months of the year. March is used to depict the end of winter to usher in spring that is from darkness to light. Despite this Marcher remains constant as time passes. The place where they first meet, Weathered suggests the change or end of time. The major scenes in the story take place either in spring or autumn. Spring is used to depict opportunity and the promise of happy times ahead which signifies light (James 23). Fall is used to show the opposite that is the coming of dark times. Spring is used to depict light whereas autumn shows dark; therefore, fall and spring are used to describe May’s and Marcher’s relationship characterized by both light and darkness. The author points out that May and Marcher meet in the tenth month of the year or autumn hence showing why the two characters are endowed with low self-esteem and sadness. Meeting in Autumn further tells the reader that Marcher’s life if full of crises. May’s purpose is to light up Marcher’s dark life. She plays a major role in bringing light in the form of knowledge into Marcher’s life. When they meet in Weathered Marcher recalls the first time he

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